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Barrel Room Chronicles

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Interesting history and information on whiskey.

Very cool podcast. Liked the different aspects of the making and creative process that goes into the bottle. If at all interested in whiskey I’d highly recommend.

Whiskey Newbie

hi, I know nothing about whiskey, so I've really enjoyed listening to the 1st 2 episodes. Looking forward to trying some "expressions." BTW - in the wine world they're called varietals - why does whiskey call them expressions? Looking forward to the next episode!

Ghost whiskey??

Very interesting information on Irish whiskeys and the regrowth of the whiskey industry in Ireland. I learned something new today!

Great podcast!

I highly recommend making this podcast a part of your routine if you enjoy listening to great conversations about whisky! As a 🥃 lover I can not get enough of listening.

Growing the pleasure

I liked whiskey but I didn’t know anything about it. This podcast increases the pleasure of enjoying a glass of whisky. It becomes something more.

5 Stars

I like whiskey a little, I like podcasts very little but I liked this podcast about whiskey a lot!

I love listening to podcasts where I learn something

Great hosts and great guests. It very entertaining and educational! Great job!

I did not know that!

Very interesting and informative show. I learn something new in every episode.

Cool show!

Very interesting concept, informative and fun!

Great listen!

This is a very knowledgeable and informative podcast! I’m happy to have stumbled upon it!


Anything you ever wanted to know about whiskey, these are the experts! Kerry and Philip are great and they have amazing guests from the world of "spirits." Two thumbs up!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!


I’m from Kentucky I love bourbon and I love this podcast!!

The Podcast That Makes Me Want To Try Whiskey

BRC is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to! I am a few months shy of drinking age but listening to this podcast has given me a few things to keep in mind once I do start drinking the water of life. Keep up the good work!