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Barrel Room Chronicles
March 17, 2021

EP 38: Woody Kane & Chris McGowan on The Busker Irish Whiskey

This week's guests on Spirits of Whisk(e)y are Woody Kane and Chris McGowan, Global Ambassador and Director of Marketing, respectively, of The Busker Irish Whiskey. The Busker is a "new to world" Irish whiskey, designed to demonstrate Ireland's three signature styles of whiskey—Single Grain, Single Malt, and Single Pot Still—and leverage its relationship with Disaronno International through its Triple Cask Triple Smooth expression, aged, in part, in Sicilian ex-Marsala casks. Listen and learn how Woody and Chris channeled a way with people and storytelling into a life of evangelizing the world's whiskey drinkers. Then hear Chef Louise Leonard's suggestions for pairing The Busker's Triple Cask Triple Smooth with Irish Soda Bread French Toast, accompanied by Fresh Fruit and Hard Cream. Sláinte!
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