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Barrel Room Chronicles
April 9, 2023

Kerry's Dingle Malt Whiskey

Kerry's Dingle Malt Whiskey

When whiskey expert Graham Coull and his team set out to bring the Dingle Bash festival to life, they had no idea that it would become so much more than just a celebration of fine whiskey. But as laughter and cheers filled the air, they realized they had achieved something extraordinary - something that would leave a lasting impression on all who experienced it. What could be the unexpected twist in this story?

Whiskey is still my favorite. I enjoy the whole process. I enjoy working with whiskeys, maturing whiskeys, creating whiskeys and planning for the future. - Graham Coull

My special guests are Graham Coull, Fay Coull, Steven O'Carroll and Hunter Leese

Graham Coull, a respected Master Distiller with 25 years of experience in the whiskey industry, has been crafting exceptional spirits at Dingle Distillery since his move from Scotland three years ago. Graham's passion for whiskey-making has been a driving force in his career, leading him to work at renowned distilleries such as Glenfiddich and Glen Moray. During the Dingle Bash festival, Graham shares his expertise on Irish whiskey while promoting the unique culture, tourism, and collaborative spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Graham Coull, a seasoned whiskey expert, found himself captivated by the enchanting town of Dingle in Ireland. The rich history and vibrant culture drew him in, and it wasn't long before he was fully immersed in the world of Dingle Distillery. A chance opportunity to join the distillery, coupled with his love for whiskey, was an offer Graham couldn't refuse. He, alongside his wife, Fay Coull, and friends Steven O'Carrol and Hunter Leese, embarked on a journey to celebrate and promote Irish culture and tourism at the Dingle Bash festival. All their hard work culminated in the festival's roaring success, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among distilleries.

In this episode, you will be able to:

1. Discover the captivating history of Dingle Distillery and their unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional whiskey.

2. Gain insights into Master Distiller Graham Coull's expertise and his visionary approach to whiskey development.

3. Uncover the exceptional Salon whiskey expression and the exclusive Celtic Series of releases that set them apart.

4. Dive into the vibrant Dingle Bash festival, showcasing Irish culture and fostering collaboration between distilleries.

5. Explore the mystique of Druid-led rituals, enigmatic whiskey blending contests, and the paramount importance of sustainability in the industry.

Whiskey Making Journey
The Barrel Room Chronicles podcast delves into the whiskey-making journey of the Dingle Distillery, discussing the importance of sourcing local ingredients and their commitment to quality and excellence in every step. The distillery team has a deep understanding of their process, ensuring that each batch of whiskey is carefully crafted to provide unique, flavorful experiences. From the locally sourced barley to the small copper stills that are used for distillation, listeners gain insight into the tremendous effort that goes into making Irish whiskey at Dingle Distillery. Graham Coull and Fay Coull, founders of Dingle Distillery, share their story and dedication to producing exceptional Irish whiskey. They discuss the hurdles they have faced and their perseverance in establishing the distillery from the ground up. The couple's passion and commitment to their craft are evident throughout the conversation and showcase their unwavering dedication to quality and tradition.