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Barrel Room Chronicles
Oct. 22, 2021

SOW S2 EP 54 - Whisky for Wine Lovers with Mark Reynier

This week's guest on SPIRITS OF WHISK(E)Y is Mark Reynier, Founder of Waterford Whisky in Waterford, Ireland, the Emerald Isle's oldest city, as well as Renegade Rum Distillery on the tiny Caribbean island nation of

Grenada. Listen and learn how this former wine merchant went from resurrecting Islay's long-shuttered Bruichladdich Distillery and helping to revive the tradition of Scottish gin making by introducing The Botanist to converting a former Guinness brewery into Waterford Distillery, makers of more than 40(!) single malt—and single farm—whiskies. To watch the full episode, click HERE.
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