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Alex Conyngham spent his early youth in historic Slane Castle that overlooks the newly built Slane Distillery. Long-interested in creating his own Irish whiskey brand, Alex began his career in Irish whiskey in 2000 in Australia where he worked as a brand ambassador for one of the world’s leading Irish whiskey brands. After a few years pursuing interests in other industries, he returned to Ireland in 2008 and developed and launched the Slane Castle Irish Whiskey brand with his father Henry which they owned until partnering with Brown-Forman in 2015.

Continuing his family’s vision of whiskey-making, Alex helped oversee the design of Slane Distillery and played a key role in working with Brown-Forman to create the Slane Irish Whiskey blend and overall brand proposition. He is also a founding member of the Irish Whiskey Association. In addition to helping develop the whiskey and the distillery, Alex has also been heavily involved in farming for years and manages Rock Farm Slane with his wife Carina to provide top quality barley which will be used at Slane Distillery in the future.

As a co-founder with Brown-Forman, Alex travels the world as the face and voice of Slane Irish Whiskey, and he welcomes guests visiting the distillery.

Jan. 26, 2023

BRC E19 - Castles and Earls and Whiskey, OH MY!

On this episode of the Barrel Room Chronicles I speak with Alex Conyngham, Earl of MountCharles about the Slane Irish whiskey and the estate it made on. Barrel Room Chronicles is a production of 1st Reel Entertainment and is distributed …

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