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Bo Cumberland

Bo Cumberland is a video editor/independent filmmaker with over fifteen years of video editing experience, ten of those years focusing on moonshine/bourbon. He specializes in telling the deeper, more personal stories associated with moonshine and bourbon. Bo is well versed in all aspects of video and audio production and works hard to make sure that everything he does is the best that it can be. Bo is inspired daily by his wife and family. In his free time, he is usually touring his new home state of Kentucky with them.

BRC EP 5 - Whiskey films and Mrs. Robinson
Feb. 5, 2022

BRC EP 5 - Whiskey films and Mrs. Robinson

On this episode of Barrel Room Chronicles, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at Mrs. Robinson’s Irish Pub in Toluca Lake California in today’s Tavern Talk . I’ll catch up with owner Brett Robinson and talk about how he …

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