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Bob White

Kentucky Colonel

Bob White is a native Kentuckian who joined the Bourbon boom in 2011, after a decade reporting smalltown news in Central Kentucky. That prior experience continues to offer him, and his guests, meaningful background information to best tell the story of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey-making in the Bluegrass State.
A planner, guide and commercially-licensed driver, Bob founded Kentucky Guides, LLC with a mission to take bourbon enthusiasts deeper into the science, history and geography behind America’s Native Spirit.
Having contracted as a guide for tour operators for years, Bob knew visitors hungered to learn more about this barrel-aged, corn-based whiskey than what a bus driver and basic distillery tour guide has to offer.
Launching his micro-tour operation in the beginings of the Covid-19 pandemic was suitable, since a tour with Kentucky Guides LLC doesn’t rely on gift shops and distilleries to remain open in order to conduct a full-weekend bourbon tour.
With love for his home state’s budding tourism industry, Bob received a Governor’s Commission as a Kentucky Colonel following his recognition by Louisville’s Tourism and Convention Commission as an important conductor ‘‘Behind the Scenes.”
Being a Kentucky Colonel doesn’t relate to the military, but Bob served in the US Navy right after high school, working in ships‘ engineering departments between 1991-1993.
Bob loves showing visitors to his home the best Kentucky has to offer. Like Daniel Boone said, Bob believes ‘‘Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.’’
And he’s doing what he truly loves.
‘‘Whether I die tonight, or win the lottery in the morning, I’ll still be guiding tours around Kentucky,’’ he says.

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