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Broderick Hicks is a fourth-generation jeweler who has been crafting unique, customizable bourbon barrel rings for the past three years. As the creative force behind the family-owned business, Broderick has managed to combine his love of good bourbon with his passion for fine jewelry. Sourcing their bourbon barrel wood from Kentucky, Broderick and his team have created over 25 different designs that can be customized to suit individual tastes. With thousands of rings sold, Broderick's innovative jewelry has gained popularity among both bourbon enthusiasts and those looking for something truly special to wear.

Since 1948, BW James Jewelers/ Bourbon Barrel Rings has served thousands of customers with their engagement rings, wedding band, and jewelry needs. We are fourth generation family owned jeweler. "Just because it's whiskey, it doesn't make it a bourbon." Each bourbon barrel rings is one of a kind just like your special someone who will wear it. The barrels used in making our rings are hand cut in heart of bourbon country Kentucky. They are made from genuine aged reclaimed bourbon barrels purchased from distilleries including makers, buffalo, turkey, woodford, beam, and roses.*

BRC S2 E5 - Barrel Rings & The Publican
April 26, 2023

BRC S2 E5 - Barrel Rings & The Publican

This time on BRC I have two guests who both work in their family business. One in hospitality, and one in jewelry. How does jewelry fit into a show about whiskey and spirits? Easy, forth-generation jeweler Broderick Hicks, has been …

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