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Jeff MurphyProfile Photo

Jeff Murphy

Master Distiller

Jeff’s story is one JK Williams himself would be proud of. He got his start as a brewer before the age of 21 while serving as a medic in the Navy. During one stay in port, grateful Marines slipped Jeff his first craft beer, and before long he was operating a tiny craft brewery out of his locker. That 5-gallon fermenter may not have been a bootleg whiskey empire, but it was fueled by the same spirit that kept distilling alive during Prohibition.

Over the years, Jeff followed his passion and worked for a brewpub in Singapore and brewed professionally with Asia-Pacific Breweries there for a few years.

Upon returning to the United States, Jeff made the jump from brewing to distilling, first in whiskey and vodka and eventually in rum. After nearly a decade in the business, Jeff was put into contact with our team and he moved to Peoria in September 2020.

Today, Jeff runs our distillery, turning the ingredients we buy and the ideas we have into the drinks we sell and serve. He oversees everything from milling and cooking grain to filtration and quality control to barreling and bottling finished products.

Whenever you open a bottle of JK Williams liquor, you’re tasting the result of years of experience and dedication to the craft — and a passion for distilling that’s still going strong after more than 100 years.

BRC EP 3 – J.K. Williams Re-Birth
Jan. 21, 2022

BRC EP 3 – J.K. Williams Re-Birth

On this episode of Barrel Room Chronicles, we discover the long lost whiskey history of Peoria, Illinois. Andy Faris and Jeff Murphy join me in a conversation about how they are working to bring back one of the cities greatest …

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