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Kerry Moynahan

Executive Producer / Host

Kerry Moynahan grew up in San Jose, California, and moved to Los Angeles after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Production from San Francisco State University. Kerry began her career working on numerous sitcoms, reality programs, and films. She quickly moved her way up in television, becoming a producer at E! Network and joining the Producers Guild of America. Kerry has worked on many Emmy-nominated programs, including Hollywood Squares, The Taste, and Dancing with the Stars. Kerry is also a big fan of whiskey, so much so that she joined a half-dozen whiskey clubs in the Los Angeles area, became a Certified Bartender and Bourbon Steward, and holds a certificate of completion at the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Coming Soon... Barrel Room Chronicles.
Dec. 8, 2021

Coming Soon... Barrel Room Chronicles.

Welcome to the Barrel Room Chronicles, a new podcast coming soon hosted by Kerry Moynahan. Kerry is a Certified Bourbon Steward, former Bartender, and all-around whiskey aficionado. Over the last year Kerry has combined her ...

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