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Genevieve BrazeltonProfile Photo

Genevieve Brazelton

Co-Founder and CMO

Genevieve Brazelton is the co-founder and CMO of The Bitter Housewife, the bitters brand inspiring people to make their own choices – starting with what they drink. The Bitter Housewife crafts award-winning, all-natural cocktail bitters and ready-to-drink beverages with a focus on balanced, bitter flavors that invite customers to explore new flavors and create their own combinations. The Bitter Housewife champions flavors first, all real ingredients, and the idea that drinks should be fun.

Growing up in and around restaurants, Genevieve’s greatest comforts have always been found in the kitchen. Genevieve spent her formative years in the Seattle food world, falling in love with the spirit of culinary discovery and the positive impact bold flavors can have. She understands that drinks provide an opportunity for fun and playfulness, and that something authentic is lost when cocktails take themselves too seriously.

Genevieve believes that drinks shouldn’t have rules – and neither should creation. The Bitter Housewife was born from a why not? moment of discovery, when Genevieve ventured to see whether she could create better-tasting bitters. She develops all of the brand’s bitters recipes herself. Genevieve uses her brand to educate consumers about what bitters are and how they can be used, as part of her commitment to making The Bitter Housewife accessible to cocktail geeks and bar novices alike. Genevieve hopes that her products will encourage customers to break the rules, try new things, and add a dash of bitterness for a well-balanced life.

In 2018, The Bitter Housewife’s Cardamom Bitters received the sofi™ Award for Product of the Year from the Specialty Food Association. The Bitter Housewife’s sweet reputation has earned collaborations with brands like Knob Creek, Maker’s Mark, Aviation Gin, and Westward Whiskey.

Recent news: The Bitter Housewife’s newest non-alcoholic beverage is Cardamom Bitters & Soda, a well-balanced, bitter and spicy beverage that combines herbs, cinnamon and a base of sparkling water.

BRC EP 12 - The Bitter Housewife & The Scotch Club
June 12, 2022

BRC EP 12 - The Bitter Housewife & The Scotch Club

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