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Jeff Mueller


A former commercial artist, Jeff Mueller discovered his passion for whiskey and turned it into a thriving podcast, the Scotchy Bourbon Boys. With a taste for rum in his younger days, Jeff eventually found himself drawn to whiskey, particularly the caramel and vanilla notes of Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Curious about the authenticity of tasting notes, he and his coworkers formed a whiskey club and attended the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. This life-changing experience led to the creation of the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast, where Jeff blends his creative background with his love for whiskey. Now, he enjoys connecting with others who share his interest and exploring the fascinating world of whiskey.

BRC S2 E6 - Scotchy Bourbon Barrel Room
May 10, 2023

BRC S2 E6 - Scotchy Bourbon Barrel Room

On this edition of BRC I meet Jeff Mueller, a whiskey aficionado and the creative genius behind the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast. Jeff's background in commercial art and management provided the perfect foundation for his transition into the world of …

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