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Barrel Room Chronicles
May 10, 2023

BRC S2 E6 - Scotchy Bourbon Barrel Room

On this edition of BRC I meet Jeff Mueller, a whiskey aficionado and the creative genius behind the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast. Jeff's background in commercial art and management provided the perfect foundation for his transition into the world of whiskey. His passion for creativity and unique artwork, coupled with an initial love for rum, led Jeff to dive deep into the world of whiskey. As part of the Scotchy Bourbon Boys, Jeff shares his whiskey journey, tastings, and engaging discussions with fellow enthusiasts on their podcast.

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From pirate dreams to bourbon podcasts, follow Jeff Mueller's journey who went from drinking rum to becoming a whiskey enthusiast and starting a successful whiskey podcast. Uncover the story behind the inception of the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast and Jeff's commitment to imaginative content. Learn from Jeff's journey through video blogging on YouTube, eventually finding success in audio podcasting. 

Jeff Mueller, also known as "Tiny," is a passionate whiskey enthusiast and one of the driving forces behind the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast. With a background in commercial art and a love for creativity, Jeff's journey began with a fascination for rum, leading him to explore various whiskey styles and ultimately starting the podcast. Alongside his fellow Scotchy Bourbon Boys, Jeff shares his love for whiskey, engaging in captivating discussions and tastings, as well as showcasing his unique artwork inspired by his whiskey experiences.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:           

00:00:00 - Introduction                    

The host introduces the episode and the guest, Jeff Mueller from the Scotchy Bourbon Boys. They discuss Jeff's journey into whiskey and his unique artwork that caught the attention of a famous bourbon family.            

00:05:14 -   From Rum to Whiskey                    

Jeff shares how he initially drank rum because it didn't affect him negatively and because he had always wanted to be a pirate. He then transitioned to whiskey after discovering the world of absinthe.            

00:08:17 - Kentucky Bourbon Festival                        

Jeff talks about how he went to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and had a great time. He also shares how his artwork featuring Booker's Bourbon caught the attention of the Jim Beam family, and they signed it for him.            

00:12:55 - Favorite Whiskeys                        

Jeff discusses how he loves bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey and has also been exploring Japanese, Indian, Tanzanian, and Taiwanese whiskeys. He also shares his love for the caramel flavor in rare breed wild turkey.            

00:15:59 -  World Whiskeys

Jeff talks about how he has been getting into all the world whiskeys and finds it fascinating to see how the same three ingredients can be used to make different types of whiskey all around the world. He also shares his dislike for heavily peated whiskeys.            

00:16:48 – Jeff's Background in Video Blogging.

Jeff discusses his experience with video blogging on YouTube for his art career and the challenges of breaking into the platform.  

00:18:18 -  Growth of the Whiskey Podcast.

Jeff talks about the growth of his Whiskey podcast, including his focus on audio before expanding to YouTube and Facebook reels. He also shares his goal to continue growing the podcast and the satisfaction he gets from creating and connecting with people.            

00:19:43 - Viral Video

Jeff shares the story of a viral video he created with Jennifer Brandt, the master blender for Luca Mariano. He reflects on the different factors that contributed to its success, including the novelty of a woman using a tool properly and the unexpected popularity in Russia.            

00:23:19 -Retirement Plans

Jeff discusses his retirement plans and how his wife's successful business may play a role. He shares his desire to travel and continue exploring the world of spirits through his podcast.             

00:27:33 - Conclusion                  

Kerry thanks Jeff for sharing his journey and stories, highlighting his transition from rum to absinthe to whiskey. Jeff expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to be interviewed and his enjoyment of the creative process involved in podcasting.



Jeff MuellerProfile Photo

Jeff Mueller


A former commercial artist, Jeff Mueller discovered his passion for whiskey and turned it into a thriving podcast, the Scotchy Bourbon Boys. With a taste for rum in his younger days, Jeff eventually found himself drawn to whiskey, particularly the caramel and vanilla notes of Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Curious about the authenticity of tasting notes, he and his coworkers formed a whiskey club and attended the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. This life-changing experience led to the creation of the Scotchy Bourbon Boys podcast, where Jeff blends his creative background with his love for whiskey. Now, he enjoys connecting with others who share his interest and exploring the fascinating world of whiskey.